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Lal Kitab Remedies For Early Marriage

Lal Kitab Remedies For Early Marriage
शीघ्र विवाह के लिए यहाँ कुछ विशेष उपाय दिए जा रहे है ! आप इन्हे पूर्ण आस्था और विश्वास के साथ कीजिये , यदि इन्हे करने में किसी प्रकार की कठिनाई का अनुभव हो तो आप हमसे फ़ोन पर परामर्श भी ले सकते है ! हमने विवाह सम्बन्धी समस्या से ग्रस्त अनेक जातको से ये उपाय करवाये है और सभी को बहुत लाभ हुआ है !

1. Wear a Gauri Shankar Rudraksh.

2.Offer Green grass or spinach to cow daily.

3.Take an old lock without any key rotate it around your head seven times and throw it at any crossing and do not look back.

4.Mix A pinch of turmeric in the water and take bath with it.

5. Offer Red Chunni,red bangles and sindur to lord Shiva and parvati in the temple.

6  Keep tulsi plant in your house and give it water mixed with Saffron.

7. If you want to marry with your desired partner ,take an earthen lamp(mitti ka deepak) pour oil in it and then keep it in the South -West corner of your house.

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  1. I sincerely liked your article, that's for it

  2. You have given good upays to get early marriage. In Upay No 3 you have not given the day (din) and the time it should be done. Please tell about it too.

  3. at any crossing means... river crossing or bridges or how... pls


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