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Shree Yantra for Money luck prosperity & fame

Shree yantra for money

For Luck, Prosperity and Fame

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The Sri Chakra Yantra, to give it the correct name, is regarded as the Supreme Yantra. Any other Yantra is but a part or fraction of the Sri Yantra; it both includes and transcends all Yantras ever made, and no existing Yantra can not be found in the Sri Yantra. The benefits of all Yantras are, therefore, to be found individually and collectively in the Sri Yantra. It is also considered to be the greatest achievement in the abstract, symbolic representation of the Divine. The Sri Yantra is traditionally held to have been divinely revealed rather than invented, a concept that is easily understood when one realizes the immense complexity of the Yantra. Sri Chakra literally means the 'Wheel of the Mother Goddess' but, actually, it represents the symbolic Energy Form of the Goddess.

It is a mandala, a geometric abstract that symbolizes the cosmos which, in this case, is also the body of the goddess. The goddess is supposed to reside in her physical, visible form in the dot or bindu at the center of the Yantra while simultaneously permeating the entire universe. This 'double presence' concept is vital in grasping the Sri Yantra. Her seat has four 'pillars': Brahma - the creator, in the Northeast; Vishnu - the preserver, in the Southeast; Rudra - the dissolver, in the Southwest; and Sadasiva - the eternal Shiva, in the Northwest.

1.   The bindu is the core of the Yantra and represents, at various times, the principles or activities known as the Pancha Kriya of:
2.   · Emanation of the cosmos from its primal source;
3.   · Projection of creation into the primal void;
4.   · Preservation of the created universe;
5.   · Withdrawal of the creative and preservative energies in cosmic dissolution; and lastly,
6.   Retention of the withdrawn energy-universe for the next cycle of re-creation.

These five activities are regarded as the five modes of expression of the Universal Mother.
Benefits Of Worshiping The Sri Yantra In the worship of Sri Yantra, one proceeds from the outer square to the innermost bindu. This process almost invariably involves the awakening of the Kundalini power within. However, the Sri Yantra need not be used that way. It can be simply worshipped and allowed to radiate its energy outwards to create prosperity and harmony for the worshipper. The immense complexity of the Sri Yantra makes it a veritable unified Pantheon of the Gods. Worshiping the Sri Yantra ensures you have worshipped all forms of divinity. It is an immense intellectual discipline, as well as a towering achievement of Indian spiritual thought.
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