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Very Fast Result In Vashikaran

After complaints from some friends, that the Vashikaran processes described earlier contains some expensive articles or the stuff which is really tough to get I decided to write something which is quite simple and light on pocket as well. But ultimately when we talk about chanting something then the process always involves a rosary. Fortunately this process is not quite stringent about the selection of rosary hence you can go for a Rudraksh rosary which is easily available in any Puja article shop for Rs. 200-300.

But my friends this process need your complete devotion. You need to have a healthy and steady body to complete the process as this process requires a continuous sitting for prolong period (approx 4 hours) with constant state of concentration, and only a healthy body can support into that. My suggestion to all of you is to do practice of “Siddhasan” and “Pranaayam” before jumping into main stream. Still if you feel that you body and brain and quite still and you can take this assignment right away, you are most welcome to start now.
You can start from any Ekadashi of waxing period ( shukla paksh ) on this process. You need the combination of either white or red clothes and seating. I mean if you are wearing white clothes then the seat should be of white cloth and if you are having red clothes then the seat should be of red cloth. You need a Rudraksh rosary with 108 beads. The rosary should be energized before use in this process. The process to energize the rosary can be seen here –  
How to Energize your Rosary ?
To perform the ritual you need to face North while chanting everyday. Most important thing, this chant is a blocked chant ( Kilit Mantra – कीलित मंत्र  ) so no-one can use this chant easily, hence before using this chant you need to unblock or release this chant ( Utkilan – उत्कीलन  ). The process to release any chant is described in my previous post which is visible here –  Important Facts about Vashikaran. In this post you will know some default facts for vashikaran as well and that will guide you in rest of your life in any kind of Vashikaran process.
Once you have release the chant and you have an energized Rudraksh rosary then you can proceed with the actual ritual. Starting from any Ekadashi every day you need to chant following Mantra 1188 time. That means 11 rounds of your rosary – 11*108 = 1188. This process need to be performed for 11 days and after the completion of the process disperse the rosary in any river or canal. You will see significant change in the behavior of the person whom you are targeting.
But there are couple of things which are very important in this process and without which the success is a nightmare.

  1. You need to have a energized rosary.
  2. You need to release the chant before using the same.
  3. You need to perform the ritual everyday in complete privacy, no one should see you as being seen by someone can get distraction for you.
  4. Your need to sit in Siddhasan ( see some youtube videos to know details about Siddhasan ) to perform this ritual and once started the lower half of your body should not move at all. If you move even for an inch then you have to start all over again from day 1. Hence I said that a healthy body tuned by Yoga is required.
  5. While chanting the Rosary should not touch the ground and your index finger should not touch the rosary. You need to perform the chanting by rotating the rosary using your middle finger and thumb only.
  6. Only time when this process can be performed is between Sunrise and Noon. This can not be done in Night and the time can not be changed. Exact time need to be maintained for 11 days. Hence you need to identify the place which is isolated during the specified time.
  7. At any cost your concentration should not break, hence better practice Pranayama for a month or so that will bring a good amount of concentration for you.

May God help you in this process. Here is the chant
(replace the word amukam with the name of the person whom you want to get into your control).

ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाये अमुकं वश्यं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ।। 

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