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1 mukhi Rudraksha Importance Astrology Use

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Ek mukhi rudraksha (or one visaged Rudraksha) is one amongst the rarest objects of the globe. it's a precious object possessing not solely nice however conjointly uncommon religious power. It can not be found simply. once searched, one will expect to seek out one spherical ek mukhi rudraksha from concerning a pair of large integer rudraksha. in step with knife shastra one WHO wears this extraordinary spiritually and worldly powerful rudraksha is often protected lord Shiva and Parvati WHO sort of a shadow follow them so as to shield the honour and dignity of the ek mukhi rudraksha. in step with shastra ek mukhi rudraksha is lord Shiva himself. To worship ek mukhi rudraksha is admire attend lord Shiva himself, that yields constant result. spherical Ek mukhi rudraksha may be a expensive and precious object of rajas and maharajas. This rudraksha may build an individual unbeatable on this earth.

Types of 1 mukhi Rudraksha-

A) spherical in form and size almost like seed of jujube (kul).

B) spherical in form and size almost like amla fruit.

C) spherical in form and size almost like Indian gram seed (chola).

Rudraksha Dealers in Jaipur

Rudraksha Dealers in Jaipur

Importance Of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

The spherical ek mukhi rudraksha seed is additionally terribly expensive. it's written in gyansanghita of knife puran that spherical ek mukhi rudraksha is extremely rare and it embodies lord Shiva himself and is ever active.

About the worth of ek mukhi Rudraksha it's told in shastra that even an entire sovereign kingdom isn't admire one ek mukhi Rudraksha. Kilos of gold associated thousands of pearls cannot equate an ek mukhi Rudraksha. If someone acquires one ek mukhi Rudraksha in place of the many kilos of gold and thousands of pearl then it ought to be assumed that it's been noninheritable  in an exceedingly deal.

This rudraksha saves man from all danger. it's a immortal defend of man. The rudraksha we have a tendency to ar talking concerning is an artless and real spherical ek mukhi rudraksha. the client can need to put off the rudraksha from its seed cowl. so the client are going to be certain of its originality as there ar several rudraksha sold  within the markets that ar artificial created.


The profit and powers of spherical ek mukhi Rudraksha has been mentioned in several volumes of our shastras. the varied shastra wherever the additional normal powers of this Rudraksha has been mentioned ar – ‘ Jabal Upanishad’,  ‘MeruTantra’, ‘SharadaTilakTantra’, ‘TantraTattwa’, ‘Rudraksha Mala’, ‘Shiv Puran’, ‘VayuPuran’, ‘LingaPuran’, ‘Padma Puran’, ‘Devi Puran’, ‘GarurPuran’, ‘BrihatTantraShar’, and plenty of others.

Round ek mukhi Rudraksha absorbs the seven colors of daylight and vitalizes the wearer’s brain power, strengthens system, purifies blood and calms our breath.

Round ek mukhi rudraksha conjointly absorbs the facility of lightning and cosmic rays of the universe and so gets regenerate into a really powerful supernatural object with exceptional qualities.


In varied temples of Asian country, ek mukhi Rudraksha ar unbroken hidden once correct attend. as an example, within the Pashupatinath temple of Nepal concerning five hundred years past Jagat Guru Sankaracharya had embedded associate spherical ek mukhi Rudraksha once attend it, that at the moment continues to be there however is unbroken hidden from pilgrims.

Another spherical ek mukhi rudraksha was in Puri Jagganath temple, unbroken below tight security and police vigilance. folks may see the rudraksha for a 10 rupees price tag however that was discontinued  many years back. The ek mukhi rudraksha is at the moment in an exceedingly strongroom as a result of there was news of an endeavor to steal it.

Round ek mukhi Rudraksha is therefore precious and valuable that even the good temples of Asian country keep it hidden from the pilgrims.

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DIVINE POWERS 1 Mukhi Rudraksha


Lord Shiva himself wears spherical ek mukhi rudraksha and Lord Narayan holds it on his head. the good powerful god ‘Ek Jata Tarama’ keeps spherical ek mukhi rudraksha in her jata. Lord Ganesha conjointly possesses spherical ek  mukhi rudraksha.

The great and extraordinary religiously powerful yogis of Asian country possess spherical ek mukhi rudraksha for strengthening their spiritual powers and to achieve super natural powers. Among the good yogis WHO possess ek mukhi rudrkasha ar Gorakhnath foreign terrorist organization, Adi Guru Sankaracharya foreign terrorist organization, NikhileswarAnand foreign terrorist organization, Pralay Das foreign terrorist organization – the good mahayogi of Narmada WHO still lives at the age of five hundred. There ar still several moregreat yogis of times of yore like Vasistha, Vishwamitra, Durbasha, Parashuram, Rishi Jamadagna WHO had worn this rudraksha and have become powerful with the supernatural qualities of the rudraksha.

Wearing a spherical ek mukhi rudraksha liberates an individual from famous and unknown sins and also the person’s life is blessed by the grace of Lord Shiva and Parvati.

ROUND EK MUKHI RUDRAKSHA is that the KING OF ALL RUDRAKSHA. it's the foremost POWERFUL RUDRAKSHA AND is extremely RARE AND troublesome to seek out. TO PROVE THE ORIGINALITY OF THE RUDRAKSHA we provide we have a tendency to ar commerce THE RUDRAKSHA within ITS SEED cowl.

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