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Discord (Problem/Unhappy) in Married Life astrology

marriage astrology  We all wish to married and need happy life, however generally it doesn't happen. Even for  love wedding once someday they lose interest in one another. What ar some pseudoscience reasons individuals have sad married life. Life is Associate in Nursing method|biological process} process, everybody undergo some hardship in order that they'll mature mentally and higher perceive life. we have a tendency to all faces issues attributable to our we have a tendency toakness and find into bother till we overcome the weakness and find mature mentally. Expecting all the happiness isn't potential as we'd like to know life and life isn't solely wedding. The folks that have drawback in married life have lesson in life that they have to evolve through that problem in their life. they have to know and appearance on the far side what different issue that produces them happy.

Venus is that the planet materialistic world. it's the world of happiness for each men and ladies and girl|woman|adult female|spouse|partner|married person|mate|better half} in man life and that we all recognize woman is major issue for happiness in man life. By wanting condition of the Venus within the chart we have a tendency to judges regarding what kind happiness one will get.

There ar several pseudoscience mixtures that shows issues in married life whether or not wedding is love or organize. Venus with Ketu will be a serious think about failure infatuated. Ketu is that the planet of detachment. it's not a planet of this world it belong to the opposite world. Whenever Ketu comes with Venus those have problem in obtaining materialistic happiness before wedding or once wedding. They get a partner WHO isn't curious about Venus stuff. however it doesn't matter they get religious partner. Ultimately we have a tendency to all need to transcend the materialistic world at some purpose in life whether or not during this life or in different life. therefore these individuals have to be compelled to perceive life isn't regarding materialistic world they have to appear on the far side this world in order that they'll live happy life. Happiness doesn't simply lies within the married life it exist in different things in addition.

Venus with Rahu particularly in seventh house makes person to a fault covetous for multiple partners that produce drawback in married life.

Venus with Saturn in seventh house makes person abusive that produce drawback in married life. though Venus and Saturn ar friend however once Saturn sit with Venus it frustrate Venus.

Venus with Mars in seventh house additionally produce drawback in married life. It create person eristical and win argument at any value, this referred to as manglik dosha in sacred text star divination.

Venus sitting with Sun means that it get combust. Sun is supreme light-weight. It show the correct path. we have a tendency to can’t see within the dark we will solely see within the light-weight. once Venus comes with Sun, it purify the Venus. as a result of Venus is that the planet of materialism, people who have Venus with Sun create individuals selfish , however selfish  can't get happiness reciprocally. If some one wish love they have to present, Venus love invariably offer and take. it's Moon love that is altruistic  not Venus love. therefore if those have Venus with Sun with have to be compelled to learn offer love others in order that they get love reciprocally.

Same issue happen with if Venus accompany Moon. Moon is mind . And Venus accompany Moon the person mind stuffed with Venus materialistic stuff and makes them selfish .

If Venus is hemmed between evil planet like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Mars makes married life miserable.

Venus comes within the sixth house additionally the rationale for inharmoniousness in married life. Sixth house represents unpleasant things in life. Those folks that Venus within the sixth house their married life get disturbed attributable to some partner unwellness, conflicting nature, and need to contend with life. and might be several things.
Marriage  astrology

7th house lord significator of wedding partner, if seventh house lord sitting in sixth house, eighth house and twelfth house makes married life sad, or if seventh lord sitting with any evil planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Sun makes married life sad.

These ar general reason unhappiness or inharmoniousness in married life before checking kuta system that is matchmaking system in sacred text star divination

Happiness isn't regarding solely physical am fond of it varies per Venus sign and house placement. Definition of affection additionally varies, some individuals suppose that solely physical love is merely love however it's not like that, those folks that ar sensible soul or saint they're doing sensible for the society is that the additionally sort of love, they believe love for all and happy for no reason is real happiness.

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