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GemStone Remedy astrology

How to choose Best Gemstone

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                                 In Vedic astrology, gemstones ar counseled supported the idea of birth chart. Gemstones prescribed to beat the obstacles within the life. typically stones wear to strengthen the weak planet in birth chart as a result of weak planet offer unhealthy result or no result.

GemStone Remedy astrology

But if any debilitated planet rule sixth, 8th, or twelfth house in birth chart the stone mustn't wear as a result of it solely activate the unhealthy house. stone ought to be worn of that planet WHO rule figure like first , 5th, and ninth house and inner house that's first, 4th, 7th, and tenth house. these ar sensible house in astrology carrying these house ruler planet stone activate these house and one will get sensible results of gem stone.
Gems stone work on the idea of chakra within the body. every planet connected with chakra and carrying stone connected activate the chakra that is weak that check by the world. any weak planet in birth chart cause downside in life to attenuate the impact one will wear the stone.

If some one weak planets in birth chart it show problem in life associated with in those space of life that planet rule. of a planet weak for relationship that person can have downside in relationship so someone will wear stone associated with that planet. every planet represent some stone.

Gems stones ar classified in to 2 sorts : Hot and Cold, hot crystal ought to be created in hot metal like gold and cold stone ought to be created in cold metal like silver or Pt.

Substitute gem stones
Garnet,Sunstone, Red zircon, Red tourmaline.
Ring finger   
cultured pearl, moonstone
Ring or Little finger
Red Coral
carnelian, red jasper
middle finger
aquamarine, peridot, jade, green zircon, green tourmaline.
Little Finger
Yellow sapphire
topaz, citrine,yellow zircon,  yellow tourmaline.  
Index finger  
white sapphire, clear zircon,white coral , clear quartz,
middle, or little finger
Silver or White Gold      
Blue Sapphire
lapis lazuli, amethyst, turquoise, blue zircon, blue tourmaline
middle finger
Silver or Platinum

any golden grossularite, garnet
Middle Finger
Silver or Platinum

Cat’s eye
 chrysoberyl, quartz.
Middle or Little finger.
Silver or Platinum  

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One ought to use caution sporting blue sapphire, it will offer smart or dangerous result terribly quickly. it ought to check before sporting, it is check by inserting beneath the pillow whereas sleeping if the person have smart dreams its mean blue sapphire will turn out smart result.

if somebody can't purchase main crystal they'll wear substitute for that. rings ought to be wane the finger of their several planet or it natrual friend. gemstones ought to be weight of the earth will vary to two to five or vi.5 carat, however diamond is wear of less carat because of its value. ought to raise to the forecaster for the burden of the stone.

Before sporting a crystal ought to be washed with clean water or milk, worshiped and so wear it. all crystal ought to be mounted so it will bit the skin.The crystal shouldn't off from the body. It takes months before the action of the crystal to manifest. crystal ought to be {of smart|of excellent|of fine} quality if the crystal isn't good quality it effects are going to be reduced. they'll be worn at any time, however normally the most effective times within the morning.

The Gems ought to be designated consistent with the birth chart otherwise reverse result is happen. Rule for sporting gems stone:

1, Weak planet that rule first, 5th, and 9th, 10th house. these house ar the nice in astrology if the earth is weak for these house stone ought to be wear to strengthen the house. The lord of the first, fifth and ninth ar planet of lucky, and lord of tenth is carrie giver sporting crystal of those house ‘s lord thought-about safe. the gem of the ninth lord is that the best house within the chart, however exception continually there.

2. If the earth already sturdy in chart and rule cruel house like sixth, 8th, and twelfth house stone shouldn't wear, as a result of it solely increase the dangerous result of the earth.

3.Gemstone for the evil homes lord of third, 6th, 8th, and twelfth house shouldn't be wore, it activate the dangerous result of these homes.

4. Divisional chart ought to be checked

When a planet rule 2 homes one is sweet others dangerous like for gemini ascendant Venus rule fifth and twelfth house, and if we tend to use gem to push fifth house for the kids however at constant time it conjointly rule the twelfth house (loss). thus we should always explore for the opposite crystal that is favorable.

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