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Spiritualism is that the study of the spirit that is that the force in any living being. Spirit is alternately referred to as soul. not like the fashionable scientists World Health Organization believe solely within the physical world, all Hindu philosophers look on the far side the physical world and believe the invisible delicate world that exists before the birth and when the death. a lot of is mentioned concerning this altogether Hindu books. spiritualism the entire journey of the soul to the upper worlds is mentioned in 'Garuda Puranam'. Sage Vasista in his 'Yoga Vaasistam' perspicuously explains the explanations behind the phenomena of birth and death. Sankaracharya World Health Organization is believed to be the incarnation of God Hindu deity has contributed many volumes on spiritualism. In times, the books written by gentlewoman Blavatsky, Lobsang Rampa, Vera Stanley Alder and Peter Richellu offer vivid description of this subject.

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Reason behind birth:

In the starting, there exists nothing except a type of energy that we tend to decision 'Supreme soul'. This energy at the next consciousness has remodeled some a part of it into material that became the premise of the universe. therefore the universe consists of not solely the physical particles, however conjointly the invisible energy. Now, to accumulate completely different states of consciousness, the Supreme soul has evolved into completely different life forms that we tend to decision 'species'. These species ar of eight,400,000 distinct varieties as well as trees, insects, birds, animals and kinsfolk. The Supreme soul dwells as a elementary spirit altogether these completely different forms.

The fundamental spirit that is within the humans ought to acquire completely different experiences so its level of consciousness will increase and at last becomes the Supreme soul. this is often the rationale why the soul takes birth once more and once more. as an example, once a soul is born as an expensive one that enjoys life in such method he ne'er fazed concerning the poor, the soul's expertise became restricted in this it couldn't perceive the sufferings of the poor. So, the soul should take birth once more as a have-not to expertise the opposite facet. Like this, the soul takes on many births until it experiences each factor at the fullest level associated achieves an composed stable state. Finally, the soul experiences identicalness in everything that exists. The soul at this state is named 'Divine soul'.

When the soul becomes a Divine soul, there's nothing to expertise, therefore it goes into a state of mind and is capable of serving to and guiding the humankind. Sai cake of Shirdi, Republic of India is one such Divine soul.

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Reason behind death:

The soul initial selects its oldsters and surroundings counting on which sort of experiences it needs to bear. It conjointly plans what quantity time to pay on the planet. Once it finds the proper oldsters and right place, it enters the mother's uterus so starts forming the shape. when taking birth, the soul tries to induce all experiences as pre-planned and as a result its consciousness will increase to the expected level. once the set time is completed, the soul liberates itself from the shape. once the soul recedes from the body, the functioning of the body ceases. this is often referred to as 'death'.

The reason behind accidental deaths is additionally same. once the soul needs to expertise the accident, it takes the birth associated faces an accident and understands the trauma caused by the accident.

Life when death:

Like we tend to cowl our body with garments, the soul conjointly wraps itself in two completely different bodies. They are: shape and stellar body.

1. Physical body: The shape is most dense and designed out of cells, molecules and atoms. It wants food to survive. The shape is encircled by a flux of one to six inches, referred to as 'Ethereal body'. The ethereal body feels like a mesh of twinkling lines. it's answerable for dragging the cosmic energy into the shape.

2. stellar body: The stellar body is a smaller amount dense and composed of skinny stellar particles that ar in constant movement. This body lies within the shape and permits America the expertise of emotions, needs and instincts. The stellar body will take any form, however it always takes the shape of its shape.

At the time of death, the stellar body comes out of the shape and therefore the association between the stellar body and therefore the shape no a lot of exists. once the shape dies, the ethereal body can exist for a few time at the place of death and roams around in confusion. this is often perceived as devil. when many hours or days, the ethereal body becomes weak and submerges into the environment. What remains is merely stellar body.

The soul with its stellar body currently enters a special world wherever its experiences can depend upon the actions drained the shape. those that ar greatly sure to the human relations and material pleasures can enter a world wherever they produce objects to their feeling and revel in with them. as an example, a drunkard, when his death can head to a bar together with his friends and drink all brands of liquor he likes. The bearers, friends and therefore the liquor bottles ar all mere creation of his stellar soul.

The soul lives within the stellar world for many years doing no matter it needs. Then it's to require another birth to achieve new experiences on the planet. This new birth depends on the previous actions. as an example, a butcher's soul could value more highly to take birth as a goat and head to slaughter house to expertise the worry and agony of death.

Astral travel:

Astral body exists for the soul before birth and when death of shape. However, throughout sleep, the stellar body comes out of the shape and travels to numerous places. throughout its travel, it will meet the opposite stellar bodies of its friends and relations. as an example, the stellar body will head to one among the most effective libraries within the world, open a book, scan and know it. Generally, this stuff are going to be forgotten by the time the soul returns into its body throughout morning. however generally, a number of these impressions may be memorized when wakening from bed and other people feel that they got a 'dream'.

Here could be a real incident wherever the stellar body came out of the shape and prepared to travel. In 1995, throughout a summer hour, i used to be sitting in my area with my eyes closed and concentrating my thoughts on all pervasive Almighty. i used to be thinking him as a large temperament sitting on a golden throne. Before him, the planets, stars and galaxies were all like little moving atoms. when many minutes, there was associate intense lightweight unfold in my area all around. i used to be able to see all the corners of my area. Even the tiny dirt particles were conjointly clearly visible. There was a black pismire making an attempt to maneuver a particle at my behind.

I felt lightweight and floating within the air sort of a feather. My mind was during a tranquil state. I found myself at the ceiling of the space. Above, there was a dark-brown bright lightweight whose origin wasn't seen. All the objects within the area were lighted with the intense lightweight. I looked down with awe and located my body sitting at the facet of the window. 'If Iam there, then World Health Organization is here?' A fulminant feeling of surprise swamped Pine Tree State and that i found sitting on the ground within the area.

Divine soul communication:

To understand however Divine souls communicate, I relate a true incident from my personal expertise. many years past, in 1998, i assumed of progressing to Shirdi. i used to be not an exponent of Sai cake, neither I even have any nice religion in him. therefore even supposing i assumed of progressing to Shirdi, I couldn't build it until 2002. One day, my mate really reminded me that we should always head to Shirdi. Upon this, I told my mate casually: "See, folks say one cannot reach Sai cake, unless there's a decision from him. therefore allow us to wait and see if he calls us".

That terribly night I got a dream. I saw Shirdi temple, i used to be behind atiny low white marbleised pillar on that the sculpture of white Nandi (bullock god) was found. I reached nearer and located associate elevated platform, wherever Sai cake was sitting. He rose and came walking to Pine Tree State. i used to be dumbstruck. inform to a crowd of devotees arising on the step case, he same to me: " ought to I decision you specially? Did you see what quantity busy Iam? " . I couldn't believe my eyes. I wished to take care that this wasn't a dream. therefore with tears in my eyes, I asked him "Baba, place your hand on my shoulder and walk". He came to Pine Tree State and placed his mitt on my left shoulder. He walked with Pine Tree State many steps then disappeared. I might feel the heaviness of his hand on my shoulder.

When I came out of this dream, it is 5.30 AM. My shoulder continues to be feeling serious and to a small degree painful. I then accomplished that it absolutely was not a dream. it absolutely was a soul-to-soul communication. when one year of this incident, I even have gone to Shirdi, the primary time in my life. There, I even have known the temple and therefore the pillar with Nandi that I had already seen in my stellar body. we tend to walked on a similar stairway to succeed in Sai Baba's Samadhi.

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