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Women Relationship and astrology

Women Relationship and astrology

Relationship is extremely necessary a part of our life and currently a days addressing folks is extremely difficult. though we've relationship with members of the family like mother, father, brother, sister etc. however we have a tendency to even have relationship with others whom we have a tendency to we have a tendency to don’t apprehend. In astrology science there square measure several clues from that we will realize concerning the link with alternative peoples. we have a tendency to all have totally different behavior, if we all know concerning our self et al. basic behavior we will manage several relationship issues in life.

In astrology there square measure planets that square measure significator of relationships, if we all know concerning these planet sign and house placement we will get several clues concerning our life partner and relationships.

Relationship (Venus)

Venus is that the planet of relationship for each men and ladies, love, sex, sharing, compromise and respect in mutual relationship. In relationship if we have a tendency to cannot offer  love then we have a tendency to cannot get love reciprocally, If we will respect alternative person in relationship we will additionally get respect reciprocally. as a result of Venus is that the planet of offer and take, it need reciprocally, this the principal of Venus. in a very relationship we've to follow rule of the love planet that is drawn by Venus.

Venus is additionally woman friend and married person in a very men chart and generally a relationship planet for each men and ladies. By wanting of the sign associated house placement of Venus within the birth chart an soothsayer will tell the individual  what quite relationship they will have and additionally in men birth chart it will offer clue concerning the character of his girlfriend and married person .

Does girls modification once Marriage? affirmative, i feel therefore as before wedding girls is probing for Mars and once wedding they're probing for Jupiter

By gazing the planets one will get clue concerning relationship and partner they will have.

Boyfriend (Mars)

Mars is that the planet of drive, self defense and additionally planet of men or swain in a very girls chart. A girls will have experience with mars however she cannot marry mars sort person as a result of mars is that the planet of individuality and there's no place for individuality in relationship. By gazing the sign and house placement of mars within the birth chart somebody will realize what quite girls she get or attracted towards a men.

Husband (Jupiter)   

Jupiter is that the planet of husband in a very girls chart. Jupiter is that the planet of hope, knowledge spiritualism, wealth giver. girls need some quite higher information in  life usually girls get attracted towards mars however as before long as they're married mars wishes change into Jupiter as a result of what Jupiter will offer what mars cannot that's why girls might fall dotty with somebody however she marries a unique man. in a very wedding girls would like support and security in life as a result of girls square measure showing emotion weak, she wants support in her vulnerable days like physiological condition and overall generally in life. Mars can't offer all this things mars solely acumen to fight, be individualist  and rejoice.

Relationship spousal equivalent or Partner (7th house)

In pseudoscience seventh home is the house of partner or spousal equivalent. for every ascendant every body have totally different seventh house energy betting on the ruling lord of the seventh house. One will tell concerning nature of the partner or spousal equivalent, like for Aries ascendant seventh home is dominated by Venus. The individual might get partner like UN agency have Venus sign like qualities. Venus is that the planet of affection, compromise, sharing, etc the person might get the partner UN agency is in love, sharing and prepared to compromise in a very relationship, however additionally we've to envision the location of the Venus. If Venus is within the sign of Capricorn the person may be cold and may have conservative mind.

Any planet sitting next to those planet or any facet from another planet might modification the behavior of the earth. Like if Venus sitting with mercury the individual is inventive in music and may be songster or if Venus aspect-ed by Jupiter the person may be terribly generous and useful to the opposite folks.
So with the assistance of astrology one will realize concerning themselves et al. cosmic energy.

There is additionally a system referred to as kuta system during which points square measure given by matching of each men and ladies birth chart. this can be deep level of matching of the each individual chart during which associate soothsayer check concerning their nakshatra matching so couple might live their life peacefully.

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