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tantra mantra totka For education and knowledge totka For success in love totka For Money, wealth & good luck totka For an early Marriage totka For fulfilment of wishes

 Education Tantra- For education and knowledge :-

1. Wear lucky stone Coral (Moonga) in copper ring  on Tuesday in your third finger.
2. Always keep a square piece of silver with you.
3. Keep around 100 gms of Saunf (Aniseed) in a red pouch under your pillow at night.
4. Wear a copper coin with red or white thread, around your neck.
5. Always keep a photo of Goddess Saraswati in your house. She is the Goddess of education & knowledge. Worship her and salute her daily to get her blessings.
tantra mantra totka 

Love Tantra- For success in love :–

1.) Wear green bangles.
2.) Wear White clothes on every Friday and yellow clothes on Thursday. It is very effective tantra both for Love and an early marriage
3.) Meet your boyfriend on full moon night
4.) Write the name of your boyfriend on a leave of PAN with black ink and put it in a bottle of honey. He will become attracted towards you very soon.
5.) Light an earthen lamp with oil and keep it in the South- West corner of your house. You will get your desired partner.
6.) Collect some sand or dust from under the feet of boy you love. You can collect it where he normally stand or walk. And keep it in a piece of paper. Now take 21 grains of Urad dal and 7 pieces of clove (Lavang). Keep all three things in your hands and pray your God to make your boy friend love you and get attracted towards you. And then keep it at some safe place in your house and when your work is done you can throw it in a river.

Money Tantra - For Money, wealth & good luck : -

1. Tie a red ribbon on front door of your house.
2. Apply a tilak of Kesar (saffron) and sandlewood (Chandan) on your forehead on every Thursday.
3. Plant an Anar Tree (Pomegranate Plant) in your house.

Marriage Tantra - For an early Marriage:-

1.  Keep a Gauri Shankar Rudraksha with you. You can keep it in your purse or just keep it at the place of worship in your house.
2. Take an old lock without any key and rotate it around your head 7 times and throw it at any crossing, and do not look back.
3. Fill an earthen pot with mushrooms and offer it or leave it at any masjid or holy place.
4. Do not drink milk at night.
5.  Always keep a small silver ball (of the size of a pearl or moti ) with you. You can also wear it around your neck like a necklace.
6.  Offer Red chunni, red bangles and sindur etc to Lord Shiva and Parvati at any nearby temple.
7. Keep fast for 16 Mondays
8. Keep Rabbits in your house and feed them with your own hands.
9. Planting a Banana & Anar (Pomegranate)  tree at any place of worship like temple is also very helpful.
10. Offer green grass or spinach (Palak) to Cow daily
11. Keep a Tulsi plant in your house and give it water mixed with kesar (Saffron)
12 Mix a pinch of Haldi (Turmeric) in the water and take bath with it.

Wishes Tantra- For fulfilment of wishes :-

1. Wear ring made of iron of horse shoe in the middle finger on Saturday.
2.  Give (Atta) wheat flour and sugar to ants everyday.
3. Go to Lord Shiva’s  temple and apply sandlewood paste on Shivlingam.
4. Offer red cloth and Sindur to lord Hanuman for 8 Saturdays.
5. Make a triangle with red ink on a white paper and write “Shreen” on it. Always keep it in your pocket.

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