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what is Mahalakshmi Yoga in Horoscope

Mahalakshmi Yogaधन और एश्वर्य प्रदान करने वाला योग है। यह योग कुण्डली Kundli   में तब बनता है जब धन भाव यानी द्वितीय स्थान का स्वामी बृहस्पति एकादश भाव में बैठकर द्वितीय भाव पर दृष्टि डालता है। यह धनकारक योग (Dhan Yoga) माना जाता है। इसी प्रकार एक महान योग है

LAKSMI YOGA . From an astrological point of view, Dhana Yoga or Laxmi Yoga are said to decide your financial and social standing. This yoga provides a person with wealth and fame. Lakshmi, which is considered as a Goddess of wealth in Hindu mythology, brings the same impact with the Yoga of her name.

The presence of Lakshmi Yoga in a person's Rashi results in making the native rich, wealthy, affluent and prosperous with lot of fortune, material treasures and pleasures in life. The native as an impact of Lakshmi Yoga in his Rashi also becomes charming, attractive, proficient, gracious, righteous, erudite, well known, and someone with a high social status and a ruler like traits. The children of such person also develop to be highly intense and brilliant.

Lakshmi Yoga is said to occur when the ruler of the ascendant or Lagna is strongly disposed, and the ruler of the ninth house is lying in its own sign, or in an exaltation sign or in a Trikona, residing in a cardinal house; this planetary combination leads to the formation of Lakshmi Yoga in a Rashi.

“ Lakshmi Yoga indicates Fortune and Prosperity. Since Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, is the Goddess presiding over all wealth and fortune. A Stanza in the Phala Deepika would say that if the lord of 9 and Shukra or Venus, the karaka for Sankha-Nidhi and all worldly bhoga bhogya, enjoyment, associate, it would constitute Lakshmi Yoga. But, though this view sounds quite plausible, as lord of 9 denotes Fortune, and Venus is the great and brilliant wealth or fortune giver, it is not quite correct and has to be discarded in the light of actual experience.

The reason is not far to seek; for Venus, though a natural benefic may be a deadly malefic, say, when he is lord of 3 and 8 as for Meena Lagna. I suppose nobody would kiss and fondle a Krishna Sarpa (Cobra) for its beauty; even so none would adore beautiful Venus when all her beauty is turned to venom on account of bad lordship of 6 or 8 which lordship or “Adhipatya” is even far more significant in results than “karakathwam” in Astrology.

The correct and real Lakshmi Yoga is on the other hand, formed by the combination of the lords of Lagna and the 9th. For Jataka Parijata says “If in kendra or trikona, the Bhagesa or the lord of 9th is strong in Parama-ooccha etc., and if Lagnadhipa is also strong, Lakshmi Yoga occurs.”

Such Lakshmi Yoga, due to the association of Lagnadhipathy and Bhagyadhipati is, in my opinion, as efficacious and powerful as a 9 and 10 combination. In a sense, it is even better. For, whereas the 9 and 10 combination may fail either altogether or fail to be lasting and enduring in its Raja Yoga effects, due to Lagna or Lagnadhipati having nothing to do with it in a particular case, the 1 and 9 combination is a great protector, indicating divine grace to the person throughout life; only, the combination must be strong and in good places, and the lord of 9 must preferably be a benefic by nature also like Guru or Sukra for results. For Lagna denotes Varthaman or the present among the trines and 9 like Jupiter denotes “Divine Favour”. As I have already indicated sufficiently 9 denoting the Poorva-punya of a person is perhaps the most auspicious of all the Bhavas.

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