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What is Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing We all know that our cosmos is supported by numerous deities and spiritual beings, God and Goddesses ,Devi and Kuldevi. Very little facts are known to the world about the COSMIC ENERGY as it is a complex combination of many energetic elements,stars, birth planet,positive attitude,behaviour , humanity etc, Of all the important facts, devotion and blessings helps to achieve COSMIC POWERS . One should note that our AURA and MIND should always be positive while we are following COSMIC HEALING. One should know that COSMIC energy is not just a formal veneration of God and Goddesses, but also entering the Cosmic world by doing sadhana or meditation

MR. DEEPAK JAIN feel that purification of thoughts, mental peace, and dedication to work for the welfare of mankind gives blessings to him to solve their problems and giving concrete solutions to them for their problems.

Mr. Deepak jain practicing COSMIC Sadhana past twelve years which He personally feel is due to the  Blessing of grahas and positive Aura surrounding me. Generally COSMIC Sadhana is done during midnight between 2 am to 4 am with devotion and taking support of the Grahas directly. He feels that the moment He do sadhana ( meditation ) for the healing purpose  his  vision becomes very powerful and energetic as Mr. Deepak jain completely devoted to help others. Mr. Deepak jain experienced that positivity influences positive activities which generate very good flow of Cosmic energy in a very short period of time.

He would like to share  his  experience while He do meditation, Mr. Deepak jain blessed from the Grahas directly and the energy starts flowing to  his  body , He enchant mantras which helps him to activate  his  few chakras to gain energy and blessings,. As he go in deep meditation, Mr. Deepak jain able to visualize the problems of others for whom Mr. Deepak jain seeking help from the Grahas directly. Positive aura starts developing in and around him giving him strength to help the person for whom Mr. Deepak jain doing meditation.  
 his  predictions related to business, growth and development, marriage, health ,opportunities in near future comes true due to the blessings  and sadhana. He develop a very positive Aura around a person and they feel  his  presence around them . This experience is shared to him by many persons for whom He did meditation or Still doing meditation for them.What is Spiritual Healing 

How Spiritual Healing Is Done By Mr. Deepak Jain

He was able to cure a boy of 14 years from Mumbai from a problem in which he could not walk properly from many years, but Cosmic healing made him to walk properly without taking anybody’s help within a span of five weeks with the blessings of Grahas and cosmic healing., a bank managers wife Mrs. Arora suffering from Cancer also got cured , a female from Jaipur who was suffering from some intestinal problem and mental depression got positive relief by  his  healing touch  as He used so cosmic powers to generate positive aura in her body within twelve minutes of sadhana. He predicted about granite mines in Jagdalpur for a well known person which came true due to cosmic aura. He has many such experiences where people got benefited due to cosmic powers.
What is Spiritual Healing 

Contact Details Of DEEPAK R JAIN
Mobile No: 09819340995
Location: Mumbai

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