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Astrology Remedy For Motivation

Everyday offer water to the Sun. Seat on Kush or blanket and do Pranayama. You must have to see the Sun regularly. Take oil in your middle or last finger and keep it on your navel. You have to offer in copper pot. Add Roli and Rice in it. Also chant Adityahriday Strot.

astrology remedy for MotivationTake seeds of alasi with water in the morning. Take smoke of google and Jatamasi. You must have to worship.

You must have appreciated what you have and you should try to achieve what you do not have. Then only you can get satisfaction and positivity. This happens due Mars, Saturn and Ketu’s adverse effect.

Keep Ashwgandha on your tongue before sleeping. Tie up the root of ashwgandha in gray thread and wear it in throat on Thursday.

You can do tilak of saffron on your forehead. You can do this in morning-evening. Worship your dainty. You have to give respect to your idol. Meet your elders and take advice from them.

Chant your dainty’s name. Feed poor people on Thursday or Saturday. You can take Shankpushpi and Amla. You must have to take Brahami in summer. Wear iron ring in middle finger on Saturday.

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